Selling a T-Shirt On a Bonding Curve? What is that?

BitClout, the new social media platform built on its own blockchain, is taking the world by storm. Accounts on Bitclout are called "creators" and each has their own token or coin. This allows for trading and support for creators, and has started a whole new "creator economy" (see

BitClout creator coins function on a bonding curve meaning the first coins purchased of a creator are the least expensive and each subsequent portion of the coin is exponentially higher. The Bitclout developer team will soon release the ability to mint and trade NFT's (non-fungible tokens) right on the platform. So the CloutBling team decided to pioneer the combination of bonding curves and NFT's to sell limited edition t-shirts called NFTees. The shirts will have unique artwork which will only be printed on a CloutBling release and will have a limited supply cap of 555 shirts. Here's the kicker, the supply will decrease by 1 shirt (unit) everyday for the first 365 days which could result in a final supply cap of 190 units. The team like to refer to this as "ScarciTee". See what they did there? 

Bonding curves are not new, but have grown in use among crypto and blockchain projects. NFTs have taken the art world by storm as artists clammer to monetize their work with digital versions of their offerings. NFT's are not limited to art, and can used to digitally represent almost anything in the real and cyber worlds. Now, will cleverly bridge the gap between these worlds with a limited edition tee shirt (real world) and an associated NFT allowing for verified ownership on a blockchain. Will there be a secondary market for these collectibles? Thats the plan according to the "NFTee Whitepaper". Collectors will have to decide, but nothing is stopping them. Wearing the t-shirt ("NFTee") let's them "flex" their support for Bitclout, artists, and NFT's in general. They could choose to never wear the tee and resell it later, perhaps for a profit, perhaps not. not financial advice. If the item get's destroyed in a freak acid attack, the unique NFT associated with that particular shirt can still be traded or sold on a secondary blockchain marketplace. 

We plan to partner with artists to release limited edition NFTees of their creations with a shared revenue model. Pricing for each release will be set at time of creation known as the "minting date". After the supply cap of 555 is reached, no more NFTees will be created of that particular design. The CloutBling foresee extreme limited editions releases with as little as 1-10 NFTees. This is "wild west" stuff". They do note that a supply cap of 1 or 2 probably means the use of a bonding curve will be irrelevant. Can you imagine an extreme limited edition release of an NFTee wear the first unit sells for $30 the last unit sells for $300? The CloutBling team have imagined a scenario where people will by a limited release shirt on a secondary marketplace from an early purchaser for less than what they could buy it from They're fine with that eventuality since it's all part of the "game theory" of bonding curve use". Don't forget, an NFTees is truly an NFT, so through the use of a blockchain smart contract, the artist and receive a royalty every time the shirt and corresponding non-fungible token are sold in perpetuity. What does the future hold for emerging NFTee tech? Who knows? NFTee fractionalization? (learn more about NFT's and fractionalized token ownership from this blog) 

While CloutBling may not have been first to imagine the NFTee concept, it appears they're first to market with the idea of selling T-shirts (and possibly other "blingy" things) on a bonding curve. Who know's where this thing can go?

CloutBling is the brainchild of Bill Deignan (aka @BitcloutBilly on BitClout), host of the BitCloutPodcast, the 1st podcast devoted to BitClout. The site is the most popular source for apparel, hats, t-shirts, gifts, accessories, mens clothing, womens clothing, sportswear, mugs, beanies, phone cases, and leggings branded with Bitclout and various creator artwork. Bitcloutbilly leveraged the team at Molto Marketing & Productions (aka @MoltoMarketing on BitClout)  to create the site and launch the @NFTee concept.